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What is SAM?

The Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine is Maine’s largest sportsman’s organization with a headquarters/conference center and full-time staff at 205 Church Hill Road in Augusta and a 12-member Board of Directors. Organized in 1975, SAM is a 501(c)(3) non-profit membership organization organized and operated exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes, among which are the following:

  1. To develop and provide information on wildlife resources, field sports and conservation programs that will benefit such resources, sports and programs.
  2. To educate the public concerning the American heritage of hunting, trapping and fishing.
  3. To initiate and participate in litigation in the courts when necessary to protect the beneficial pursuits of hunting, trapping, fishing and scientific wildlife management practices.
  4. To promote and explain field sports, wildlife conservation and scientific wildlife management practices through literature, films, the press, television and radio.
  5. To provide organizations throughout the state with financial and management assistance to achieve these purposes.
  6. To acquire and develop moneys to be used for scholarships and awards relative to these purposes.
  7. To defend and protect the right of individuals to keep, use and bear firearms.
  8. To do any and all things that are necessary for, or incident to, the purposes herinafter stated.

SAM’s By Laws

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan describes SAM’s priority goals and projects for each fiscal year. Although SAM’s mission doesn’t change, the organization’s goals and projects vary from year to year as do the major issues of concern. The SAM board began this planning process in 1995 and has found it very valuable in providing an opportunity, once a year, to discuss issues and programs and define and prioritize goals and projects. The process included adoption of an annual budget for the next fiscal year.

Each year new projects are added to this plan, while some projects are completed and others deleted or diminished in importance. All of the projects in this plan are considered important and progress on each is measured and evaluated as the year progresses.


David Trahan, Executive DirectorDavid Trahan


To all SAM members:

I am honored that the SAM board has offered (and I have accepted) the position of Executive Director for the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine. Lincoln County Commissioner, Sheridan Bond, was quoted in the Wiscasset Newspaper as saying, “David was born for the job.” I think he was right. I would like to take a little time in this column to tell you about myself and what I bring to this prestigious organization.

I was born in Waterville, Maine, lived in the small town of Clinton and attended Lawrence High School where I had the good fortune of attending classes with two teachers sharing prominent outdoor connections; Maine guide Dick Mosier and outdoor writer Ken Allen. Each recognized my passion for hunting and fishing and contributed to my education. Dick Mosier mentored my hunting skills and Ken Allen encouraged me to write about my outdoor experiences, which I did, selling several articles to the Maine Sportsman magazine. As a teenager, anything outdoors was my passion- hunting rabbits, deer, partridge, etcetera and filled my days fishing for every type of fish from trout in Tannery Brook behind my house and bass in the Sebasticook River.

Every season brought something new. I still hunt and fish; I have no prejudice for form, I enjoy casting a fly I tied myself or worm fishing with kids for white perch on Damariscotta Lake. I have a smelt shack I put on the Medomak River every winter. I fish for stripers, bluefish, and occasionally for ground fish, and I own my own pond which is stocked full of red finned shiners.When deer hunting, I still carry the Marlin I bought as a teenager. I raked blueberries for an entire season to buy my school clothes and that rifle and I wouldn’t part with it for any price. I have taken more deer with that gun than I can remember, mostly bucks as I now hunt patiently for a mid-sized buck that would feed me for the winter. I have tagged two moose and killed many coyotes over the years. Although deer hunting is my passion, my most memorable times were bird hunting with my best friend Roger Greene. Unfortunately, he died last year, but I will remember him fondly when I carry his over and under twenty-gauge into North Maine Woods.

After high school, I went to work in the woods earning a tough but honest living in the mid-coast area. Using a John Deere skidder and a chainsaw I worked alone for nearly 27 years. I live in a restored farmhouse with my wife Pamela; we have been together for 28 years. In 1998, frustrated with politics and with no political experience, I ran for the Maine House of Representatives and won. I would go on to win three more House elections and two terms in the Maine Senate. In each of those sessions, I served on the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Committee. I have also served on the Legislative Youth Advisory Council, Government Oversight Committee and as Chair of the Taxation Committee.

During my time in the Maine Legislature, I have had the pleasure to work George Smith, a tenacious lobbyist and advocate for sportsmen. I was also fortunate to become friends with the current Executive Director, Matt Dunlap. We have shared a trip to Russia and led an effort together to pass the legislation that created the Office of Program Evaluation and Government Accountability, OPEGA, the state agency now tasked with cleaning up waste and fraud in state entities like the Maine Turnpike Authority. For two decades, I have served as an officer in the Lincoln County Fish and Game Association, most recently as the President. In that time, our club has suffered like many others, nearly closing several times, but lately, we are energized. We hold turkey shoots, three youth fishing events and are lucky to have many committed members. The Maine outdoors has always been and always will be a source of pride and an important part of my life. Like many, I can’t imagine nor do I want to live in any other place. In October, I will proudly and officially take the job of Executive Director for the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine. My commitment to you is this: I will use my experience to passionately defend your gun rights and the tradition of conservation established when SAM was first created in 1975. I will manage the SAM organization efficiently, and take this strong organization to the next phase. In the coming months I will communicate with you a vision for the future that will include expanding youth activities, volunteerism within our organization and building on our rural economy through our natural resources. I look forward to the coming months and the opportunity to meet the cornerstone of our organization: the members. Don’t hesitate to stop in at our headquarters or give me a call; I would enjoy hearing your concerns and ideas on how we can keep and secure our sporting heritage in Maine.

David Trahan
Executive Director
The Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine

Becky Morrell, Operations Manager

Becky recently joined the Sportman’s Alliance of Maine team on April 15,2011 as the Operations Manager after four months as the Committee Clerk for both the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Committee and the Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Committee.

Becky has enjoyed hunting and fishing since she was a youngster growing up in the Green Mountains of Vermont. She moved to Waldoboro, Maine with her husband, a life long resident of Maine, in 2000 with their two small children Kelsey and Duncan Jr. Becky and her husband Duncan make hunting and fishing a priority in their household and look forward to the work that Becky can do at SAM for the sportsmen and women of Maine.


Gerry Lavigne, Wildlife SpecialistGerry Lavigne


Gerry served as DIFW’s white-tailed deer biologist from 1975 to 2005. Since his retirement, he has volunteered extensively for SAM, specializing in deer habitat, predation, and hunting issues. Gerry began his first term on the SAM board in January 2012, and he is responsible for SAM’s Deer Management Network initiative. A small businessman, Lavigne operates Dunlatr Farm Wild Game Smokehouse at his farm near Milo, and he runs a wildlife consulting business.
Telephone: (207) 943-2584

Contact Information

Please contact SAM by telephone by calling (207) 622-5503 / 623-4589.
Office hours are 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday.
To email the office: Becky@SportsmansAllianceofMaine.org
For US postal service, please address your letters to:
Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine
205 Church Hill Road
Augusta, ME 04330
And if you need to send us a FAX, please dial: 207- 622-5596. Thank you!

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