Where Can I Hunt on Maine Public Reserved Lands

The state has an excellent map on their website of Maine Public Reserved Lands and there uses.

Where Can I Hunt in Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Management Areas?

This site maintained by the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife provides information on the department’s wildlife management districts, all of which are open to hunting, and includes maps and a list of available activities.

Where Can I Hunt in Maine State Parks and Public Lands?

Maintained by the Department of Conservation, this site provides information on Maine’s State Parks and Public Lands, all of which are open to hunting, and includes maps and rules. NOTE: Be sure to read and observe BPL’s hunting rules.

Where Can I Hunt on Nature Conservancy land?

Nearly all the land owned and managed by the Maine Chapter of the Nature Conservancy is open to hunting. Use the Maine law book as a guide.This page lists all TNC holdings in the state and offers descriptions of the land, size of the plot, directions to the area and more.

Where Can I Hunt in The North Maine Woods?

More than 3 million acres in Maine’s fabled north woods is open to hunting and managed by North Maine Woods. Lots of information is available on their website, including an informative booklet.

Where Can I Hunt on Plum Creek land?

All of the land of this large private landowner is open to hunting. Free maps of Plum Creek’s lands can be obtained by writing to: Plum Creek Timber Co., P.O. Box 400, Fairfield, ME 04937 or by calling 207 -453-2527 ext. 112.

The Maine Tourism Association provides hunting information on its website ( including special events for hunters. Do a search for “hunting” in the MTA’s recreation section.

The Maine Tourism Commission offers information about hunting on its website ( Do a search for “hunting.”

Need a guide? The Maine Professional Guides Association maintains an excellent website ( including an opportunity to search for guides by activity and location. Another excellent website ( has guides, lodging and other services.

In addition to SAM’s publications, two monthly magazines are full of great information about hunting and fishing in Maine: The Maine Sportsman and Northwoods Sporting Journal.

Maine’s Best Lodges and Sporting Camps Endorsed by SAM!

(These lodges and camps are listed since they have contributed to SAM raffles, by offering a weekend or a week’s stay at their place. There are many other fine lodges and sporting camps in our great state of Maine!)

North Country Lodge
www.northcountrylodge.comLibby Camps

Pine Grove Lodge

Macannamac Camps

Hal Blood’s Cedar Ridge Outfitters

First Settlers Lodge

Landowner Relations:

Principles of a Landowner Relations Program
Agency Policies on Accessing Private Land
DIF&W Policy Regarding Respect of Private Property
Conflict Resolution
SAM’s Landowner Thank You Program

Hunting Projects and Reports:

SAM’s Deer Action Plan
DIFW Wild Turkey Working Group Meeting 2013


Trapping History and Basics

Prepared by: David Miller
September 26, 2012

History has written down the bold, exciting, dangerous ventures of the brave, daring men who broke and blazed the trails of opportunity and expansion of the North American Frontier with hard work, sacrifice, hardships and bloodshed.
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Getting Started in Trapping

Prepared by: Bob Noonan and Gerry Lavigne
September 26, 2012

Some general tips and basic trapping gear.
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Deer, two bucks and a doe close. 4-13-13 NEW! GAME CAMERA VIDEO.
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Deer wide racked buck on the trail 12-23-12. GAME CAMERA VIDEO.

A group of does. GAME CAMERA VIDEO.

Two bucks return! GAME CAMERA VIDEO.
“The one that was coming with the broken brow tine I thought was the one who always showed up with this 8 pointer in the past, but now after seeing these together, these are the two. This makes 4 season’s in a row that they have showed up after the hunting season.”

Moose cow with calf! GAME CAMERA VIDEO.
Raccoon antics.. VIDEO.
Buck gets a Goose!GAME CAMERA VIDEO.(clip 1)
Nosey Buck!GAME CAMERA VIDEO.(clip 2)
Twins!GAME CAMERA VIDEO.(clip 3)
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