July 26, 2017



The Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine’s Bill, LD 31, RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Require That Signatures on a Direct Initiative of Legislation Come from Each Congressional District is being debated and finally voted by the Maine Senate,August 2nd!

This bill would finally bring fairness to rural and suburban Maine by giving them a voice in what appears on the ballot. If this is approved, Maine would become the 13th state of 24 states with a referendum system to adopt such a voter fairness law.

Please Contact these three Senators, they switched their votes and ask them to support LD 31:

Sen. Vitelli- Eloise.Vitelli@legislature.maine.gov


Senator Bellows- shenna.bellows@legislature.maine.gov


Senator Gratwick- geoffrey.gratwick@legislature.maine.gov


Under pressure from the liberal, Maine People’s Alliance (MPA) who uses canvassers from Portland to promote their ultra-left agenda and Senator Ben Chipman, also of Portland (who by the way owns a paid petition company based in Portland), lobbied three Democrat Senators to switch their votes from support to opposition on LD 31. The reason-Sen. Chipman and the MPA have stated is, if LD 31 is on the ballot in November, SAM will bring out voters from conservative areas of the state and defeat the MPA and Sen. Chipman backed Medicaid expansion citizen initiative up for a vote this fall.

That is right! They are trying to suppress the votes of Mainers that they believe don’t agree with their liberal agenda.

Not a very flattering position to take as an organization or as a political party when they supposedly want all Mainers to vote!

That position is bogus! One has nothing to do with the other-perhaps they want to leave the status quo because Sen. Chipman and the MPA make their living in Portland monopolizing the ballot petition process.

We need reasonable referendum reform and LD 31 is a good start! Act ASAP!

Please call or e-mail the Senators listed above and ask them to support LD 31!  

Bill text: www.mainelegislature.org/legis/bills/getPDF.asp?paper=HP0032&item=1&snum=128

Call or E-mail Your Legislator Now – We Need Your Help!

Ask Your Legislator to Please Support the LD 31

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